GameStop Draws Gamer Ire After PS5 Restock Devolves Into Crappy Cancellation Chaos

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It is a tough time to be a gamer. There has been an extremely limited stock of computer parts (GPUs, CPUs) and next-gen consoles over the last several months. We even have some tips and tricks put together to help you snag a console, such as a PlayStation 5, but even that may not be enough. As GameStop continues to sell PS5 consoles at random, some people have had their orders canceled out from under them.

Since the PS5 launched, GameStop and other retailers have been running “drops” where a certain number of consoles are thrown up onto the website for people to purchase. GameStop specifically has done some surprise and planned “drops,” and a few people have been lucky enough to actually checkout with a PS5. However, some of the lucky ones became extremely unlucky in a hurry as orders were randomly canceled or changed to “Awaiting Product Availability,” which may be even more insulting.
Also, some GameStop customers have had their console shipments delayed as well. Those who ordered on 12/12 who would have expected their console before Christmas are no longer going to get it on time, it seems.
While this could be an issue with the carriers, it very well could be an issue with GameStop's upper-level management as well. If we take a gander at the GameStop subreddit (which should be taken with a grain of salt since it is reddit, after all), some people who claim to be GameStop managers have reported that they have had to deliver packages to USPS and FedEx locations recently. Otherwise, they would have to simply wait for FedEx to come to pick the packages up in the next few weeks, which is a bit absurd considering there is likely massive amounts of online orders for Christmas.
This is not in my job description! from r/GameStop
Overall, it seems GameStop is handling everything incredibly poorly, but that should not come as a surprise since it is GameStop we are talking about. The company has shown time and time again that it could become a better company overall. Perhaps this whole console preorder fiasco and customer backlash will teach them a thing or two, or not. I would not be surprised either way.