PC Enthusiast In Digital Doghouse Spent $8K Of Honeymoon Cash On Sweet Gaming Rig

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If there is one sure-fire way to sour a relationship quickly, spending large sums of money tagged for something as important as a wedding and honeymoon on a gaming PC is it. A woman posted on Reddit claiming that her fiancé had taken $8,000, which she described as their entire savings, and spent the whole amount on a gaming PC and accessories. The story starts when the man's best friend purchased a gaming PC, so he asked his fiancé if he could buy one. She said no at first because he had a laptop he could use, and they were saving for their wedding and honeymoon.

Eventually, she relented, but there was no talk of price. The man ordered the PC and a slew of other items. When they finally came in, and the woman asked him how much he spent, he admitted to having spent the entire $8,000 they had saved on the gaming hardware. The woman pointed out that the savings he spent was partly her money as well, and he hadn't asked to use it. The man offering no apologies. After a big fight over the money spent, the guy told her "I will earn it all back soon."

PC enthusiasts in the tread wondered how the man had managed to spend $8,000 on a gaming PC. It appears that he may have ordered the machine pre-built from a boutique company, but that is unclear. What is clear is that it wasn't just a gaming PC; he also ordered a new gaming chair, new gaming desk, three 4K monitors, wireless mouse, and an RGB keyboard. Anyone who has ever priced a high-end gaming PC at one of the boutique companies knows that they can get very expensive, and the gamer’s fiancé is finding this out the hard way.

It sounds as if he thinks he can make money streaming games. You can certainly make big money as a game streamer, but becoming a Ninja or Dr. Disrespect is exceedingly rare. Many in the Reddit thread comments are calling for her to break off the relationship, but as of this writing, they are still together apparently. What would you do in this situation?

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