GameDr AutoMax, Puppy Linux v1.0.5

Well folks, it's the 29th and the F.E.A.R. multiplayer demo has been released. The 451MB file contains the DM/TDM and CTF "Facility" maps. You can grab the file at FileShack, FileFront, and Filerush(for you torrent fans). Goodnight all!

ECS KN1-SLI Extreme Motherboard Review @

"Based on the nVidia nForce4 SLI chipset, the ECS KN1-SLI Extreme supports all the current flavours of Socket 939 AMD Athlon64/FX/X2 processors. Its four DDR DIMM slots can be installed with as much as 4GB of PC3200 DDR memory in a dual channel configuration. Onboard data connections consist of IEEE 1394a Firewire which hums away at 800Mbps, a 7.1-channel audio codec, Gigabit and 10/100 NICs, and an additional Serial ATA II/RAID controller."

GameDr AutoMax Review @ Hardware.GamersHell

"GameDr Excelerator Motorized Automax Disc Repair System by Digital Innovations is one of the most popular on today's market and, according to the package, it's "the only completely automatic disk repair solution." The Doctor, however, has been met with mixed results, and it's easy to see why. This product has some clear disadvantages, but certainly serves a purpose for those gamers with unplayable discs."

Puppy Linux v1.0.5 @ Phoronix

"The latest of these distributions to hit our systems is Puppy Linux; which recently experienced its v1.0.5 release. In addition to the DotPup Downloader there is the new Wireless Access Gadget, puppyPDF, and a wealth of other Puppy advancements. Today we're sharing our first looks at this lightweight distribution weighing in at a measly 53.4MB."

CaseBuy's EZ Power Supply Tester 2 @

"If the power supply is defective it can cause your computer lock up on you, spontaneously reboot, blue screens of death, and other peripherals to stop functioning on your PC. But how do you test if you power supply is faulty? Well you could try another power supply, or even easier you could use CaseBuy's EZ Power Supply Tester 2."

AOpen's Pandora Box Makes it to the Market @ Legit Reviews

"When we first heard of AOpen's upcoming Pandora small form factor system at Computex 2005, we thought that it was nothing more than a lawsuit waiting to happen. It looks like Steve Jobs over at Apple has taken mercy on the AOpen Pandora as it is being launched as scheduled..."

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