Game Over Man! Fortnite Adds Ripley And Deadly Xenomorph With Aliens Crossover

aliens fortnite xenomorph ripley
Last month, Epic Games brought some sweet 1980s nostalgia to Fortnite with the arrival of a Terminatorcrossover complete with the T-800 and Sarah Connor. Now, Fortnite is back with an accurate portrayal of another kickass female lead in science fiction: Ellen Ripley.

But just as Sarah Connor came paired up with T-800, Ripley is joined by her nemesis: a "get away from her, you b*tch" Xenomorph. There's no word on whether its acid for blood is portrayed in the game, but I know that the hordes of Xenomorphs from Aliens haunted my dreams as a kid (probably because of the lightning-fast and piercing inner mouth).

Ripley, looking quite like the incomparable Sigourney Weaver, comes complete with her optional Nostromo Crew Outfit. She can even carry around her handy Weyland-Yutani Cat Carrier, which of course, houses her cat, Jonesy. There's a pickaxe patterned after the P-500 Power Loader Arm and a glider that is an accurate facsimile of the badass Cheyenne Dropship (although we don't think that it comes with an express elevator to hell; RIP, Hudson). These items are included in the Space Gear Bundle, which is available as a separate in-app purchase.

The alien adds a sweet Xenomorph Tail Back Bling and a Xeno Menace emote for mocking your opponents. In a quite hilarious take on the original Alien (and Aliens), Ripley's emote has a chest-burster emote. But rather than it being a baby Xenomorph, a mini llama takes its place.

Ripley and the Xenomorph are just the latest in Fortnite Zero Point arc of Chapter 2 Season 5, which is centered around bounty hunters and other famous lone wolves.