Game Deprived Mac Users Feasting on Steam Content

For years, us PC folks have pointed and laughed our Mac brethren who, for the most part, have been gimped when it comes to gaming. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but c'mon, if you're a gamer, your choices have traditionally come down to a Windows-based PC or a dedicated console. Valve set out to change this dichotomy between gaming and Macs when it released a version of its Steam platform compatible with Apple hardware, and you know what? So far it's working.

According to Valve, during the first week of sales on the Steam service, more than 11 percent of all Steam purchases were for the Mac. Part of this we can chalk up to the usually flurry that accompanies a new product release, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Consider that outside of Portal, which was offered as a free download, there haven't really been any other flagship titles. Just imagine what those numbers might look like once you can get Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Counterstrike: Source through Steam on the Mac.

Want some more stats to chew on? According to Valve, some two-thirds of all Steam Mac users are running a laptop. In addition, Valve says that Portal is one fifth as likely to crash on a Mac than on Windows.