Samsung Mistakenly Outs Galaxy Watch Active And Galaxy Buds Wearables In App Update

Samsung has a bunch of new products that will be announced next week, and the most anticipated is likely the Galaxy S10 family of flagship smartphones. Samsung recently updated its Galaxy Wearable app for Android devices, and it lists several new items on its home page. The leaked items include a new smartwatch, fitness wearable, and earbuds.

galaxy leak wearable

The new smartwatch is the Galaxy Watch Active, which appears to be the Galaxy Watch Sport that leaked earlier this month. The device sports a 40mm case and is said to come in at least two colors. Previous leaks tipped Tizen as the operating system and a move away from the rotating-bezel controls previous Galaxy smartwatches have used. No other tidbits can be gleaned from the app leak on the smartwatch.

galaxy leak buds

The fitness band comes in two flavors called the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e. It's not clear which is seen in the app image, but they are both presumed to use the same watch-style band as seen in the image. What also remains unclear is what the difference is between the Fit and Fit e might be.

The last of the products tipped in are the Galaxy Buds earbuds. The Galaxy Buds were initially tipped via leaked documents earlier this month to be included as part of a Galaxy S10 preorder. Perhaps the most interesting bit of leaked information on the Galaxy Buds is that they are rumored to charge wirelessly from the Galaxy S10 smartphone. The assumption is that all of these new devices will get official along with the Galaxy S10 at the Samsung Unpacked event next week.