Samsung’s Exynos-Powered Galaxy View 2 Is A 17-inch Monster Android Tablet

Most of the news in the Samsung world the last few days has been surrounding the very high profile failures of the Galaxy Fold smartphone in the hands of reviewers. Samsung has postponed the launch of the device as it investigates. While the Galaxy Fold debacle is going on, Samsung is business as usual with other products including the gigantic Galaxy View 2 tablet that will land on AT&T.

Galaxy View 2 17 inch android tablet

The prominent feature for this tablet is a display measuring 17.3-inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The processor running the show is an Exynos 7884 (2 cores at 1.6GHz dual, six cores at 1.6GHz). The big tablet has 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage with a microSD card slot that supports cards up to 400GB.

With such a massive screen slurping up power, the tablet needs a massive battery and a massive battery it has with 12,000mAh of power tucked away inside. For those wanting to use the Galaxy View 2 for video calling, a front 5MP camera is integrated. The operating system for the tablet is Android 8.1 (which is quite disappointing), and the tablet measures 10.37" x 16.42" x 0.68". There is no word on weight, but the tablet is huge so expect this to be one of the heaviest tablets out there.

Since the tablet is on the AT&T network, it comes with an integrated 4G modem for connectivity on the go. If mobile movie watching is your thing, Dolby Atmos sound is integrated, and the tablet has DirectTV Now support with a subscription. The tablet will launch this Friday with pricing reported to be $37 a month for 20 months via AT&T Next making the total cost $740.