Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra Leak Gives Us A First Look At Samsung’s Next Big Slate

hero samsung tab s10 leak
With Samsung Unpacked just around the corner, leaks are coming in hot and heavy in regard to new Samsung devices. One device that will most likely not be making its debut at Samsung Unpacked next month, but is still making headlines, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra. New leaked images of the device have found their way onto the world wide web, along with the tablet’s dimensions.

The leaked images show little difference in design from the soon to be older sibling Samsung Tab S9 Ultra, with camera and button placement remaining unchanged. Leaked dimensions put the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra at approximately 326.4mm x 208.6mm x 5.45mm, keeping the same super thin design as the S9 Ultra. While some were hoping for a thicker tablet, it seems Samsung is trying to stay in line with Apple’s thinner iPad Pro lineup.

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A few other things that are being deduced from the leaked images include the S10 Ultra keeping the same 14.6-inch display, same front camera placement with a notch cutout, and the S Pen continuing to magnetically attach to the back of the tablet for charging and storage. Rumors also point to the S10 Ultra keeping the same AKG quad speakers.

According to reports, Samsung is still making its mind up on which chipset to go with for the S10 family of tablets. The two frontrunners seem to be either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, or the Snapdragon X Elite. While the latter would bring more processing power, some point to the X Elite being overkill for a tablet without “Pro” apps to take advantage of all that power, while also being a bigger drain on battery life.

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In terms of RAM, Samsung is expected to offer the S10 Ultra at either 12GB or 16GB. Storage offerings will more than likely remain unchanged as well, with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants. It is possible that Samsung could offer a 2TB variant, which would make all the storage hungry users happy.

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra is still six months or more out, there will surely be more rumors and leaks in the coming months. One thing that is for sure, however, is that next month’s Samsung Unpacked event should deliver plenty of new hardware to appease all the Samsung fans.