Galaxy Tab Rumored For Release On Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless

It's arguably the biggest tablet launch since the iPad. Dell's Streak was big, but being just 5", it's not really considered a tablet PC. Just about every major (and minor) PC maker has committed to making a tablet of some sort, but for whatever reason, Samsung's Galaxy Tab has caught the eye of just about everyone. The design is stellar, and the 7" panel makes it smaller than an iPad yet bigger than a Streak. It's a nice middle ground.

Samsung revealed the device officially earlier in the month at IFA 2010, but few real details about distribution were made available. No solid pricing, no solid release date, and no solid availability list. But now, things are becoming clearer. A new Wall Street Journal report has found that AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint are all onboard to carry the Galaxy Tab in the coming months, which means that at least two versions exist: a CDMA version (for VZW and Sprint) and a GSM version (for AT&T as well as potential overseas carriers).

Three people "familiar with the situation" have confirmed the deals, and that leaves just T-Mobile USA as the only major operator in the U.S. who wouldn't carry the Tab. Rumors have also pinned the price at around $200 to $300, but the price could vary depending on contract deals and lengths. According to the report, at least Verizon is still considering whether or not to subsidize the tablet. It's unlikely that a deal will be struck to sell the Galaxy Tab month-to-month as the iPad 3G is, simply because the Galaxy Tab functions as a phone.

We think pricing will be the deciding factor on whether or not the Galaxy Tab takes off. And we still don't know if the Galaxy Tab will sold as a Wi-Fi only model, away from carriers. Either way, this tablet could be the launching point for Android 2.2 on non-smartphones, and now that the rumor is loose, we suspect the operators will be confirming or denying soon.