Galaxy S8 Leak Highlights On-Screen Buttons And DeX Desktop Dock

New pictures and clipart images purporting to show Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 handset have emerged. They supposedly originate from an unnamed tipster who performed a system dump on an unannounced Galaxy Tab S3. The pictures are not labeled, but assuming they are in fact real, the pictures are consistent with previous rumors surrounding Samsung's next flagship handset.

While it may seem odd that pictures of the Galaxy Note 8 would be on a pre-production tablet, it likely has to do with a syncing ability between it and the Galaxy S8 (or some other supported interaction). Have a look.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Clipart

The clipart depicts a tablet and smartphone seemingly interacting with each other in some manner, though we're not sure what exactly is going on. On the left, there is a finger pressing the multitasking key on the tablet, and on the right a user is interacting with the smartphone's fingerprint scanner. It is the latter that is of particular interest, as it's been rumored that Samsung is getting rid of the Home button found on previous Galaxy S series smartphones and replacing it with a fingerprint scanner on the back.

Galaxy S8 Front and Back

The general consensus is that the fingerprint scanner seems a bit oddly placed on the Galaxy S8. Based on every leak to date showing its placement, it is plopped up high on the rear of the smartphone next to the camera. However, it's not much higher than Huawei's positioning of a fingerprint scanner on its Honor 8 smartphone, which we found easy to use. It all comes down to how you hold a smartphone and personal preference.

Samsung DeX

One of the clipart images also shows Samsung's DeX (desktop extension) dock. The pod-shaped dock opens at the top so that users can dock their smartphone in the device. It plugs into a computer monitor or television using an HDMI cable. The whole concept is similar to Microsoft's Continuum technology for Windows smartphones, but with Android. Others have tried to push Android as a desktop experience with limited success, so it will be interesting to see if Samsung can make this a popular feature.

The Galaxy S8 will not be announced at Mobile World Congress next week. Instead, Samsung will unveil its latest flagship a little later, as it needs additional time to test the phone's battery using a new certification process. However, Samsung is planning to reveal Galaxy S8 launch details at MWC.