Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Feature ‘Infinity Display’ And Continuum-esque DeX Desktop Dock

The rumors surrounding Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S8 handset are plentiful with no sight of a slowdown, at least not until Samsung gets around to actually announcing its next flagship phone. Incidentally that will not occur at Mobile World Congress next month. Instead Samsung will wait until around the third week of April and use that extra time to test the phone's batteries with its new protocols in place (Samsung can ill-afford another Galaxy Note 7 situation). When the Galaxy S8 does finally launch, buyers will have two display sizes to choose from, if the latest chatter is correct.

Dubbed Dream 1 and Dream 2, Samsung is said to be launching the two Galaxy S8 phones with screens in the 5-inch and 6-inch region (the S7 debuted with 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch displays). As previously rumored, both versions will sport panels that curve around the edges similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge. Both will also feature a bezel-free design with edge-to-edge "infinity" displays that make the most of the available real estate. This will allow for the new handsets to be the same size or smaller than the Galaxy S7 series, yet still have larger displays.

Galaxy S8
One persistent rumor is that Samsung will ditch the physical home button on the Galaxy S8

It is not just the sides that are being fully utilized, either. The infinity displays will cover most of the front of each device, leaving very little room at the top and bottom. There is so little space left that Samsung will not have room to put is branding or logo on the front. That also means no physical home button or fingerprint scanner, the latter of which is relocated to the back of the new Galaxy S8 phones.

Iris scanning is said to be making a comeback with the Galaxy S8, The phone's will also feature a duo pixel camera on the rear similar to last year's implementation on the Galaxy S7. It will operate faster, perform better in low light situations, and generally take better pictures. Built-in object recognition technology will be included as well.

One of the more interesting rumors is that Samsung will offer a new dock and service that will turn the Galaxy S8 into an Android desktop computer. Called Dex (desktop extension), users will be able to connect a monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals. It's similar to Microsoft's Continuum technology for Windows smartphones, but with Android. Others have tried to push Android as a desktop experience, though past efforts have been met with limited success.