Galaxy S23 Pumpkin Camera Shots Smash Pixel 7 Pro And S22 Like Sad Jack-O-Lanterns

hero Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera comparison sample leak
A camera sample by a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been purportedly shown to best an S22 Ultra and a Google Pixel 7 Pro in a post by an influencer on Chinese social media site Weibo.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 isn't expected to launch until sometime February 2023 (based off of Samsung's previous launches), but that hasn't stopped popular influencer and leaker Ice Universe from posting a few teaser images. The latest single image sample is a comparison between S23 Ultra versus S23 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro. The poster shared three zoomed images of a pumpkin and asked his readers which image they preferred. It was eventually also shared that the best image was claimed to have been shot using an S23 Ultra (see samples below).

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung S22 Ultra

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Judging strictly from these images alone, it's rather expected that the newer S23 Ultra would perform better than its older sibling. The image that stood out like a sore thumb (or pumpkin) is the one from the Pixel 7 Pro. Considering that the latest Pixel is seen as one of the top camera systems available (ranking behind the Huawei Mate 50 Pro in DXOMark), this may come as a surprise for some.

The S23 Ultra is reported to have a 200 MP primary lens with a slightly larger aperture (versus the 108 MP setup on the S22 Ultra). If you judge the samples at face value, being mindful of Weibo image compression, also not knowing what crop factor was applied to the samples (we're assuming 1:1), or what photo mode was used (for example, Samsung and Google have significantly differing portrait mode algorithms), the best-looking pumpkin quite easily belongs to the S23 Ultra. The detail of the ridges are more defined, while the Pixel 7 Pro seems like something shot with Beauty Mode on. There is, however, more noise in the S23's version, most noticeably on the back wall, but that perception could be due to Google's tendency to boost shadows and exposure.

Even if this is an early peek into the capabilities of the S23's camera, we're definitely looking forward to pitting these phone against each other real soon.

Image credit: Ice Universe on Weibo