Samsung Pulls Galaxy S20 Ultra Firmware Update Following Flood Of User Complaints

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Users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line of smartphones have received several firmware updates for the devices since they launched. The last update for the S20 family that was released globally had several issues in particular for Galaxy S20 Ultra owners. Among the issues was a green tint to the display with the high refresh rate mode enabled, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra saw slower superfast charging after the update was applied than when it launched. The issues have apparently led Samsung to pull the firmware off the market entirely.

Galaxy S20 Ultra owners yet to download the update, which was firmware version G988xXXU1ATCT, will be unable to do so. The firmware update is reportedly no longer available over the air or using the Samsung Smart Switch software for Windows or Mac computers. The assumption is that Samsung removed the firmware due to the multiple issues related to it, but the real reason still remains unclear.

The firmware is still available for the Galaxy S20 and the S20+ smartphones in LTE or 5G flavor. Samsung is reportedly working on another update to fix the green tint issue on the Ultra display at high refresh rates.

It's unclear when a new, bug-free update might be available for uses to download. Samsung doesn't need additional reasons for Android fans to stay away from its smartphones and will presumably take its time to ensure that the next firmware update causes no issues. Samsung previously rolled out an update specifically for the Galaxy S20 Ultra in February 2020 that was to address autofocus issues with the smartphone camera. That update was firmware version G988NKSU1ATBR.