G71 In production, NV50 in Summer?

Digitimes has just posted a story that claims NVIDIA is already in volume production of its 90u G71 which is the successor to the GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB. In terms of the next new flagship architecture, they report that NVIDIA will be launching NV50 sometime this summer leaving us wondering how close NV50 will be to the Playstation 3's RSX graphics core which will be launching in a similar timeframe.

Nvidia is currently in volume production of its 90nm GPU series, the G71, G72 and G73, with the G71 to target the high-end market, the G72 the mid-range segment, and the G73 aimed at the entry-level, the sources said. Nvidia also plans to introduce its next flagship chip, the NV50, in the middle of next year, according to the sources.
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