Futuremark Updates 3DMark 11 to Run on Windows 8

You may have noticed that we include the results of several Futuremark benchmarks in our reviews, which offer consistent results and have proven reliable over the years. That includes 3DMark 11, and with the latest update -- 3DMark 11 version 1.0.4 -- it's now fully compatible with Windows 8, Futuremark says..

In addition to supporting Microsoft's touchtastic operating system, the latest 3DMark 11 build also addresses a few uncommon bugs, all without rendering your previous scores obsolete. Futuremark says you can compare scores from version 1.0.4 with the previous version.

3DMark 11

In related news, Futuremark today announced that PCMark 7 has been updated to version 1.4.0, making it too fully compatible with Windows 8. However, unlike 3DMark 11, scores from this newest build should not be compared with scores from previous builds.

Futuremark benchmarks that are now compatible with Windows 8 include 3DMark (check out our detailed look), 3DMark 11, 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 06, PCMark 7, and Powermark. Windows 8 support for PCMark Vantage is coming soon.