Futuremark Unleashes 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra For 4K Ultra HD Benchmarking

Are you finding that your dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan graphics cards don't come close to breaking a sweat in the games and benchmarks you've thrown at it? Well, if you want to give your burlier configuration a beastly workout, look no further than Futuremark's newly minted 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, purportedly the world's first 4K Ultra HD benchmark.

Those of you running the Basic version of 3DMark are out of luck -- the new Fire Strike Ultra test is only available in the Advanced Edition and Professional Edition, so you'll need to pony up for a paid package rather than freeload off of the pro bono version.

Fire Strike Settings
Source: Futuremark

One neat thing about the Fire Strike Ultra test is that you don't need a 4K Ultra HD monitor to run it (though you do need a graphics card with at least 3GB of dedicated memory). The benchmark renders the test content at 3840x2160 to give your PC a proper workout and then scales the output to your PC's display resolution. This is a neat feature that will let you know if your rig is up to the task of gaming at 4K before going out and plunking a wad of cash on a 4K monitor.

Like with other benchmarks, you can search and compare Fire Strike Ultra scores for different hardware configurations. There's also a Fire Strike Ultra leaderboard in Futuremark's Hall of Fame section.

Fire Strike

Outside of adding Fire Strike Ultra to 3DMark, the latest version (1.4.755) sports a newfangled design for the main benchmark selection screen along with improved benchmarking logging to assist customer support. As for bug fixes, Futuremark says 3DMark is now more robust when there's a problem identifying or monitoring the hardware in a system.

You can find more information and/or download the latest version of 3DMark here.