Futuremark Punts PCMark 8 Benchmark to Steam, 25 Percent Discount for a Limited Time

The folks at Futuremark dropped us a note this morning to let us know that Steam will be serving up its popular PCMark 8 benchmark starting sometime today. PCMark 8 is a handy tool that combines benchmarking, battery life tests, a dedicated benchmark for solid state drives and hard disk drives, and real-world tests using popular applications from Adobe and Microsoft.

Kicking off the availability of PCMark 8 through Steam is a 25 percent discount. For a "limited time," you can snag PCMark 8 Professional Edition for $37.49 rather than its normal selling price of $49.95. In addition, keys purchased from Steam are interchangeable with the standalone version, so you needn't worry about that.

PCMark 8

The paid version comes with the following:
  • Includes all five benchmarks plus battery life tests
  • Benchmark with Adobe and Microsoft applications
  • Test your SSD or HDD with the Storage test
  • Measure the battery life of your tablet or notebook
  • Run individual workloads to fine-tune your system
  • Get in-depth hardware monitoring graphs
  • Automatically save your results online

Alternately, a free version is available that includes the Home, Creative and Work benchmarks, along with a free online account to manage your results.