Futuremark Fixes Hardware Monitoring in Latest 3DMark Windows Update

Futuremark today released an update to the Windows desktop version of its 3DMark benchmark. If you grabbed your copy from Steam, you should receive the update automatically, otherwise the standalone version will check in with the mothership and ask you to install the update the next time you fire up the benchmark.

On the buggy side, the 3DMark update fixes and improves hardware detection and monitoring. Running 3DMark Advanced or Professional Edition with compatible hardware will continue to generate an interactive graph of CPU and GPU clockspeeds and temperatures recorded during the test, only it will now be more accurate.

3DMark Ice Storm

As far as new and improved features, Futuremark added the Ice Storm Unlimited test for comparing Windows 8 tablets with the latest Android and iOS devices. Bear in mind that this is a cross-platform benchmark, meaning you benchmark and compare scores of two totally different devices.

3DMark Basic Edition is a free download available from Futuremark and Steam. There's also 3DMark Advanced Edition for $24.95 that adds a bit more options, and 3DMark Professional Edition for $995 that's licensed for business use.