Futuremark Charts Out 3DMark Performance of Over a Dozen Steam Machines

We saw a lot of Steam Machine announcements by both OEM and boutique system builders at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week (14 in all). It's safe to say that damn near everyone is excited about what Valve is doing, and with so much early support, it's already a little bit daunting sifting through the various configurations that aren't even available yet (most Steam Machine configurations are slated to launch later this year).

To help make sense of it all, Futuremark went through and analyzed its database to estimate 3DMark Fire Strike scores for each configuration with confirmed hardware specs. The results in the chart below are based on PCs with similar hardware running Windows. Have a look:

Source: Futuremark

Since these estimates are based on similar configurations running Windows, there's bound to be some performance variation when running final hardware under Steam OS using Linux drivers. Not only that, but by the time these systems ship, there will be new graphics drivers available, which could affect performance.

In any event, what this does is provide an early look at expected performance, at least from the machines with confirmed specs that Futuremark was able to compare with. As for the rating in the right-hand column, that's a determination of "Value" by Futuremark -- how much 3DMark performance you get for your money.