Fusion-io Cracks The 1 Billion IOPS Barrier

When it comes to wild storage performance, few do it better than Fusion-io. The company has cranked on some insane NAND-based storage solutions in the past, but none as crazy as this. At a recent demo, they managed to break one billion (with a B!) IOPS. Yeah, that's many, many more times what even your average PCIe-based solid state drive can muster. The demo was conducted at DEMO Enterprise: An Evening of Innovation, in a preview of the company’s latency reducing Auto Commit Memory (ACM) extension, part of the Fusion-io Memory subsystem.

This demonstration used eight HP ProLiant DL370 servers, each equipped with eight ioDrive2 Duos, to break the one billion IOP barrier when transferring 64 byte data packets. This was a preview of an extension to the ioMemory architecture called Auto Commit Memory, which significantly reduces latency and system overhead in transferring data. Auto Commit Memory leverages the unique architecture of ioMemory to reliably deliver data at peak performance levels. Data integrity is assured by the ioMemory architecture’s ability to flush all in-flight data, even if the power is abruptly cut, without the need for super capacitors or batteries. The Auto Commit Memory extension will provide developers with new semantics to directly control the datapath to persistent memory, introducing a fundamentally new building block for how modern data systems are designed.

How soon before your consumer-level drive hits this mark? It'll probably be a while, but if anyone's able to deliver it, it'll be these guys and girls.
Tags:  SSD, Storage, NAND, Fusion-io