Full Test Preview: Alienware Area-51 Gaming Desktop, Triads And Tri-SLI

Dell's Alienware division has a knack for making a splash with PC system design, whether it's their big, bad unapologetic notebooks, unique X51 small form-factor PCs, or their no-holds-barred Area-51 killer gaming rigs. In fact, for some folks, Alienware designs can be an either "you love it or hate it" affair. Full disclosure: personally, we tend to be cut from the former affectionate group of performance enthusiasts that generally favor Alienware's outside-the-box design efforts -- and oh boy, Alienware's recent redesign of the Area-51 is way outside the box.  

In fact, it's not really even a box at all, it's what Dell's Alienware design team calls a "Triad" design.

With 45-degree angled front and rear face plates, that are designed to direct control and IO up toward the user, as well as cool airflow in, with backside warm airflow directed up and away from the rear of the chassis, this machine grabs your attention right away. There's nothing else like it on the market currently... GO NOW.