Fujitsu's TH40/D Windows 7 Slide-Out Slate Delayed, Maybe Forever

There was a fantastic little device, launched years ago, that HTC called the "Advantage." It was a unique, slide-out handheld computer, with a design that made tons of sense, but we haven't really seen sense. Fujitsu's TH40/D was on pace to become the "next" Advantage, but all of that has apparently come to an end. The company revealed that they are postponing the release of the tablet/laptop, but there's no clear indication of when it'll ship. In other words, it probably won't ship.

The unit was scheduled to launch with Windows 7 in June, but based on unspecified "development delays," it looks like things are being placed on hold. It's a real shame. Frequently, we hear that all tablets are the same, and in some ways, we have to agree. This unit was breaking the mold and trying something radically different, but now it may just have to live on in our dreams. And that's a shame; we definitely would've loved to have used one.

Have a look at this thing -- would you have been first in line to purchase one if it shipped on schedule?