Fujitsu's Lifebook TH700 Brings Core i3 To Convertible Tablet PC

Convertible Tablet PCs have been around for what feels like forever. We remember these machines being available at least 4-5 years ago, but nearly no one took them seriously. There just wasn't a good operating system available for this form factor, and the battery life was generally too poor for people to use these as dedicated tablets. But that hasn't stopped Fujitsu from continuing to pursue the sector, and now that slates are all the rage, people are probably looking for the best of two worlds more often as well.

It's half tablet and half notebook, but it's unique in that it has rather impressive specifications. Most of these are underpowered, but not the Lifebook TH700. There's a 2.26GHz Core i3-350M processor, a 12.1" WXGA touch panel (which is a dual screen that accepts finger and stylus inputs), a removable dust filter, a 320GB hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, a DVD burner (rare for a tablet, of course), an HDMI port and even Bluetooth.

Fujitsu's new unit isn't the sleekest of all, but it's more than portable. And at $1099, it may just be cheaper than buying both a tablet and a notebook and trying to keep the content on them somewhat in sync.