Fujifilm's X100VI Mirrorless Camera Looks To Strike TikTok Gold Once Again

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Popular, albeit struggling, camera maker Fujifilm is crossing its fingers that its latest X100VI fixed-lens camera will be a similar hit like its X100V sibling, with some handy upgrades packed in nearly the same form factor. If you didn't know already, sales (new and used) for the X100V blew up thanks to a single viral TikTok video.

Fujifilm announced a follow-up to the wildly popular X100V APS-C (Advanced Photo System type-C) fixed-lens camera. Coming in at a cool $1,600, the new X100VI brings improved prowess to shoot in more varied environments. It looks identical to the X100V with all controls in their same locations as before, but now packs a larger 40MP APS-C sensor trickled down from the X-H2 and X-T5. When paired with the faster X-Processor 5 and improved auto focus that has advanced subject tracking like face/eye and animal/vehicle, the camera looks poised to shoot photos like a boss. 

It's also great to finally see is 5-axis image stabilization (IBIS) in the 521 gram camera, something owners of the previous model have begged for. We think that with the injection of up to 6 stops of shake reduction, Fujifilm intends to elevate this street photography camera into a legit vlogging platform, coinciding with the ability to shoot video at up to 6.2K 30fps with 10-bit F-Log and F-Log2 now. 

Considering its videography aspirations, we do wish that Fujifilm had upgraded the camera with a bigger battery. It still uses the same pack that's CIPA-rated for 300 shots. Also, it wouldn't have hurt to have a faster data transfer rate for the SD card slot—the X100VI soldiers on with UHS-1.

FUJIFILM X100%E2%85%A5 Limited Edition kit 2
FujiFilm X100VI Limited Edition

The X100VI will be available for $1,600 beginning in March in silver or black colorways. If you have an extra $400 to spend, Fujifilm would like to sell you the limited edition (LE) version. Each of those will come engraved with the OG Fujifilm logo, a unique serial number, a cool strap, matching lens cover, and a special soft-release box.

Some might balk at the practicality of a $1,600-$2,000 23mm f/2.0 fixed lens camera. While it doesn't have the reach of interchangeable lens cameras, the 40MP sensor definitely helps with (near) lossless cropping options in post. Moreover, in many shooting situations, cameras the size of the X100VI will go unnoticed, allowing users to get in closer to their subject.