Fujifilm’s Instax Wide 400 Camera Gets The Big Picture And Prints Photos Instantly

hero fujifilm instax wide 400 instant camera
Fujifilm’s Instax Wide 400 Instant Camera gives nearly instant satisfaction to those who enjoy having a physical picture in their hands as fast as possible. Additionally, the company’s Instax Wide Series of cameras are the only wide-format instant cameras on the market currently.

While instant cameras are not new, being able to capture a wider field of vision than the typical instant camera is something only Fujifilm delivers to the masses with its new Wide 400 uses Instax Wide Instant Film for wide prints (3.4 x 4.25-inches/86 x 108cm). Along with a wider image, some notable features include a self-timer function, automatic exposure and flash control functions, and focus modes.

fujifilm instax wide 400 pictures

“When it comes to instant photography, there is a niche segment of our user base dedicated to our wide print options,” remarked Bing Liem, division president, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “They have been very enthusiastic, especially through social media, about the next INSTAX WIDE product introduction. These people like to live large in all they do, so WIDE 400 allows them to take photos that include more background and more room to display their creativity. With the introduction of WIDE 400, we’re excited to offer an instant camera that can capture the user’s larger than life moments.” 

The Wide 400 makes taking images of large groups of people easier with its wide field of view. However, sometimes the person holding the camera wants to be in the image as well. This is where having a self-timer function comes in handy. Fujifilm remarked that its easy-to-use self-timer dial gives users the option for timing photos in 2-second increments up to 10 seconds, providing ample time for everyone to get in the picture.

fujifilm instax wide 400

The Automatic Exposure function provides improved clarity over its predecessor, according to Fujifilm. This is because the camera automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, and then optimizes the shutter speed and flash output accordingly. This function makes taking images in both interior and exterior conditions much simpler.

There are also two focus modes available by adjusting the lens dial, with framing guides for both portrait and landscape shots. Normal Mode is great for everyday photography, while Landscape Mode is ideal for distances of 10-feet and beyond. Those who like to take up close and personal photos will be delighted to know that there is also an option for macro photography. The Wide 400 includes a close-up lens that, when used in Wide 400’s Standard Mode is great for capturing subjects at a distance of 15-19-inches. Fujifilm adds that it also makes for stunning selfies.

For times when a user needs to place the Wide 400 on a surface, there is a Camera Angle Adjustment accessory. This accessory is attached to the bottom of the camera, allowing the photographer to choose between two height adjustments.

Fujifilm’s Instax Wide 400 Instant Camera will be available in late June 2024 at a MSRP of $149.95. There will also be a matching case for the 400 Wide available (no price given yet).