FreedomPop Expands Free Smartphone Plan Offerings, Bring Your Own Sprint Phone

FreedomPop’s free smartphone plan seemed to strike a chord with the masses, because the company immediately sold out when it launched the free service (with a $99 HTC Evo Design 4G handset) last month.

The mobile market disrupter is expanding its service offerings by allowing users to bring their own smartphones. With the “Bring Your Own Phone” plan, users can migrate their service to FreedomPop by activating their existing handset at

HTC Evo Design 4G
HTC Evo Design 4G

The service only works with Sprint phones, which is something of a bummer, but it still offers consumers a much greater measure of freedom in choosing which phone they want to use and the ability to avoid spending money on a new phone if the old one they have still meets their needs.

FreedomPop also added a new handset, the HTC Evo 4G, as an option with its plans. Like the HTC Evo Design, this unit runs the Android operating system and will cost you $99.