FreeBSD 9.1 Delayed No More, Now Available

If you follow the Linux scene, you might recall that FreeBSD 9.1 was originally supposed to be released around the middle of September. That plan got scrapped when the first Release Candidate (RC) arrived a month late, which also pushed back the RC2 and RC3 releases. There was then talk of a late October release, then mid-November, both of which came and went. That's all history now, because FreeBSD 9.1 has finally received its last coat of polish and is now available to the public.

FreeBSD Desktop
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FreeBSD 9.1 introduces several new features, including a new Intel GPU driver with GEM/KMS support, better 802.11n support, ZFS (Z File System) improvements, and a whole lot more. The FreeBSD team also says the latest build improves on the overall stability of FreeBSD 9.0, which was released in January 2012.

Nevertheless, FreeBSD 9.1 is an incremental update in the grand scheme of things, though there's already a wish list in place for FreeBSD 10. The next major release is said to include full virtualization technology with a native BSD hypervisor, ZFS Trim support, PCI hot-plug support, Apple Thunderbolt connectivity support, Broadcom wireless drivers, ARMv7 support, and a desktop installation standard for apps, to name some of the more notable feature additions.