Still Need A Free Windows 10 Upgrade? Assistive Technologies Users Get A Grace Period

Microsoft is doing a solid for people with accessibility needs who use assistive technologies by extending the deadline to upgrade to Windows 10. For the general public, the yearlong offer expired last Friday July 29 (or July 30 in the wee hours of the morning, depending on where you live), but for anyone who uses an assistive technology product, there's still time.

How much time? In a FAQ announcing the free offer extension, Microsoft said it hasn't yet announced an end date for customers using assistive technologies, but will give everyone a heads-up prior to whenever the company decides on an extended deadline. In the meantime, there's a special webpage setup where users can go and click on the "Upgrade Now" button to get started.

Windows 10

The free upgrade extension is based on the honor system. That's to say Microsoft isn't taking any steps to verify that people upgrading to Windows 10 for free at this point are using an assisitve technology product, nor is Microsoft restricting the offer to specific assistive technologies. If you use one on Windows, you are eligible to upgrade for free.

Obviously there are going to be people without disabilities and who don't use assistive technologies that take advantage of this extension, but kudos to Microsoft for offering it anyway. It's the greater good Microsoft is focused on, and let's not kid ourselves, it wants as many people on Windows 10 as possible. We're not saying we condone upgrading for free without technically qualifying, we just aren't burying our heads in the sand pretending it won't happen, nor do we know how truly concerned Microsoft is about it.

What if you plan on purchasing a third-party assistive technology product that you hadn't needed previously? Click away without disrupting your moral compass. Microsoft specifically mentions this type of situation in its FAQ, and its stance is that if you require assistive technology in Windows, you are eligible for the free upgrade offer, simple as that.

Go here to take Microsoft up on its offer.