Free Software Foundation Protests at Boston, MA Microsoft Store Over Windows 8 Restrictions

Without getting too political here, you can't help but chuckle at the latest stunt (or whatever you'd call it) by the Free Software Foundation. The FSF recently rolled by a Microsoft store during the "Tech For Tots" session in order to spread a little holiday cheer. And, of course, to push copies of the Trisquel GNU/Linux operating system. While it's practically impossible for Linux to ever overtake Windows in terms of market share, who says the FSF can't have a little fun as it tries to chip away? The FSF proponents were joined by a gnu (it's a buffalo-like animal, and when used as a stuffed mascot head, is even more hilarious).

The FSF is campaigning against Windows 8 somewhat, noting that it -- in some ways -- restricts freedoms to modify and share software. It's not the first time the FSF has done something like this, but having the mascot head makes this particular stunt all the better. FSF executive director John Sullivan said, "Tablets and laptops are popular gifts for the holidays, but people often overlook the restrictions that manufacturers slip under the wrapping paper. These restrictions end up locking people into one company's products, and complicating things that should be simple like moving programs from an old laptop to a new one. We invite people to join us by going to and signing the pledge to switch to a free operating system. If you already use one, help a friend or family member switch."

So, will a stuffed gnu mascot convince you to ditch Windows?
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