Free Sam & Max Game!

Pop Quiz (You have been taking notes right?):

Question #1) What's one of the best uses for all that hardware in your rig?

That's right: Games!  But we won't tell your'll be our little secret.

Question #2) What's the best kind of game?

If your spouse checks your bank statements at the end of each month, you might be thinking what we already know: Free games are the best kind of games!

With all of that said we are happy to let you know that TellTale Games is releasing a free 'episode' of Sam & Max Season 1 for users to download:

“We're closing in on the Season Two launch, and we're so giddy with excitement about it that we've done something a little crazy. Remember Abe Lincoln Must Die, the episode that got some of the best reviews last season? We've decided to slash the price into oblivion. That's right, from now on, Abe Lincoln Must Die is FREE. Yep, as in zero dollars. What's the catch? There is none.”

The download will be available tomorrow on the official Telltale Games website (
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