Free iPhone Apps May Be Free of Restrictions

Much concern has been expressed over the possibility of Apple restricting 3rd-party iPhone apps developed with its upcoming SDK.  It appears, however, one category of apps may be excluded from any restrictions: free ones.

In spite of fears that Apple may impose tight restrictions on third-party iPhone applications developed with its upcoming SDK, the company may loosen those restrictions for free programs, Electronista has learned. Connected to the same sources which reported early access for select developers -- sources which have since been confirmed as accurate -- the new contact claims that free applications are not subject to the same rules that will guide paid software downloads. In this model, free software is unlikely to be subject to much if any scrutiny by Apple.

It would not be unlike Apple to continue its fascistic stance on 3rd-party apps, but we won't really know until Thursday.  We most likely won't see the totally open platform we hoped for, however.