Free Beats Fee for Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' D/L

Given a choice, pay or don't pay?  Which would you choose?  Or would you at least give a token amount?  That's the question asked by a study by comScore.

Of those who downloaded Radiohead's digital album, In Rainbows last month, about 62 percent walked away with the music without paying a cent, reported ComScore, an Internet research company.

About 17 percent plunked down between a penny and $4, far below the $12 and $15 retail price of a CD. The next largest group (12 percent) was willing to pay between $8 and $12--the cost of most albums at Apple's iTunes is $9.99. They were followed by the 6 percent who paid between $4.01 and $8 and 4 percent coughed up between $12 and $20.

Perhaps they simply didn't feel that the album deserved more?  Nah.  More likely they were just free(down)loaders.
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