Fractal Design Rolls Out Gnarly Looking Fan Controller

Shopping a fan controller doesn't sound particularly glamorous or sexy, but that's because they don't all look like Fractal Design's new Adjust 108, a six-channel fan controller with a brushed black aluminum finish and bi-color LED lighting beneath each of the sliders.

Each of half dozen channels supports up to 36W and changes color depending on the intensity of the fan. At 100 percent, the LED glows blue and at 50 percent it glows white. Push the slider all the way down (off) and the LED turns off completely.

You'll need a free 5.25-inch drive bay to accommodate the Adjust 108. It comes with four screws, six fan cables, a single SATA / MOLEX power cable, and a user manual. No word on how much it costs or when it will be available.