Foursquare's Windows Phone 8 App Gets Major Update

Microsoft is still playing a game of catch-up when it comes to providing users with top-tier apps that iOS and Android users have had access to for months, but it's more than just availability. It's about app quality, and Microsoft is trying to bolster that by working with its major partners. Foursquare is a huge app name, and while the company's app has long since been around on Windows Phone, it's a pretty poor version. Until now.

The newest build was just unleashed this week, with version 3.0 adding a lot of new features. Users can now pin people and venues to the Start screen, see notifications on the Lock Screen, and check-in via NFC. In this version, you can also use your voice to search, find, check-in and more. As you use the app, Foursquare fine tunes its recommendations for things to do and try in your vicinity.

If you're a WP8 user, give it a whirl and let us know how you're liking things.