Latest Fortnite Season 4 Leak Hints At Biggest Event Ever In The Game's History

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Fortnite has been making headlines over the past several months, thanks to the legal battles, special events, and partnerships like with AMD. Epic Games’ creation is not likely to go away anytime soon, as Fortnite leaker FireMonkey received some exciting information. According to an anonymous source, the creative director said that the next major Fortnite event will “change the future of Fortnite.”

Over the last few months, Geoff Keighley has been hosting Zoom meetings with Game Awards guests and fans. Recently, Donald Mustard, creative director for Epic Games, was invited to one of these Zoom calls for a chat. In this meeting, @iFireMonkey on Twitter reported that the next season of Fortnite will be “The biggest event they’ve ever done, and it will change the future of Fortnite.” @iFireMonkey, also said that though from an anonymous source, the information is “credible.”
While we do not know what is in store, there has been speculation and possible hints since last year. In December of 2019, Tim Sweeney was asked if Fortnite was a game or a platform, and he replied, stating he viewed it as a game, “But please ask that question again in 12 months.” In April of this year, Washington Post writer Gene Park speculated that Fortnite was moving toward a metaverse platform, which he described as “a shared, virtual space that’s persistently online and active, even without people logging in.” This could track with some of the events Fortnite has done, like concerts and whatnot. A metaverse would be both an impressive and logical expansion to the popular game. While not necessarily likely, it is more interesting as a thought exercise.
We will have to see what news comes from Fortnite at The Game Awards, which is set to take place on December 10th. This announcement also roughly lines up with Sweeney’s comment of asking again in 12 months. Perhaps everything Epic Games is doing will begin to make sense in the coming weeks, and Fortnite will change gaming as a whole. No matter what, let us know where you think Fortnite is going with the update that “will change the future of Fortnite.”