Latest Fortnite Update Brings Floor Is Lava LTM, Poison Darts And Sweet Foraged Items

Apex Legends might be the “new hotness” in the battle royale gaming field, but Epic Games isn’t exactly standing still with Fortnite. We always look forwards to the latest patches from the developer of one of the world’s most popular games, and today that company has pushed out the v8.20 patch.

floor is lava fortnite ltm

The headlining feature of this new update is a new “Floor is Lava” limited time mode (LTM). A few minutes into a match, lava will start rising from the lowest levels of the map. So, if there’s loot at the lower levels that you need, you’ll want to grab it fast before it is wiped out by “liquid hot magma,” Dr. Evil style. Every few minutes, the lava level will rise until the whole map is eventually covered.

Touching the lava will not only toss you into the air, but it will also take ding your health. However, you can still build structures on the lava, and you’ll be given a ration of materials every second to help prolong your impending doom.

fornite poison darts

Another addition is the Poison Dart Trap, which can be placed on floors, walls or even on ceilings. Think of it as a sneaky way to lure your opponents into a deadly trap, as the poisonous darts can be triggered from up to three grid cells away, and can cover a distance of three grid cells. Poison darts dole out 10 health damage “per tick”, and there are a total of 8 ticks that can fire off in a span of 7 seconds.

Also on deck are new foraged items which include peppers, coconuts and bananas. All of these items can increase your health, while coconuts have the added advantage of regenerating your shields.

Of courses, as with all previous patches, there are a number of other fixes and gameplay updates/additions to enhance your Fortnite experience. You can read the full v8.20 patch notes right here.