Fortnite's Mysterious Black Hole Has A Hidden Konami Code And Minigame, How To Play

fortnite konami
Fortnite is currently in flux, as the 'The End" event has resulted in the entire map and all the contents therein being sucked into a mysterious black hole. Players aren't able to access the Fortnite servers, and you can't play or communicate with your friends. Epic has drained all of fun out of room... or has it?

As it turns out, the developers have created a little mini game to tide you over until the Fortnite comes back online, and accessing it is very familiar to old school gamers. You can access the pretty cool mini game by inputting the infamous Konami Code at the black hole screen using the D-Pad on your console or the keyboard on your PC.

Depending on if you're playing with an Xbox One Controller, DualShock 4 Controller or with a keyboard, this is the sequence you will need to input at the black hole screen:


After completing those steps, you will see a slice of pizza appear at the bottom of the screen followed by falling burgers. In case you were wondering, those items are in reference to the in-game Pizza Pit and Durr Burger establishments. 

It's not exactly as exciting as the fast-paced action of Fortnite, but it's enough to keep things interesting until we are transported out of this black hole.