Fortnite Players Spend On Average $84 For In-Game Items Bolstering Epic's Bottom Line

Fortnite is a free game and it would be easy to think that going this route would mean meager revenue for its developer. However, analytics firm Sensor Tower conducted a survey that found Fortnite was making an average of a million bucks per day on player spending. That puts a new light on the suit for copyright infringement Fortnite publisher Epic Games is facing from PUBG.

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Another research firm by the name of LendEDU has taken a closer look at the financial powerhouse that Fortnite has become, and conducted a survey of 1,000 players to find out some statistics on how that $1 million daily income is earned. The survey found that 68.8% of all players have spent at least some money on in-game purchases with Fortnite. The more telling statistic, however, is that the average Fortnite player has spent $84.67 via in-game purchases.

Fortnite is popular enough that it is drawing in gamers who have never paid for in-game items before; 36.7% of Fortnite spenders are buying in-game items for the first time. A surprising percentage of Fortnite players are paying for Twitch, with the research firm claiming that 25.3% of players pay for the streaming service.

The infographic below from LendEDU looks at how that $84.67 the average gamer spends on Fortnite is spent. 9.52% of the money was spent on emotes or dances, 13.52% went to harvesting tools, 18.06% was doled out on gliders, and 58.9% on outfits or characters. According to the graphic, a full 20% of the people spending money in-game had no idea they weren't getting an advantage in the game with their cash outlays.

Here's one final statistic that LendEDU provided: the typical Fortnite gamer spends six hours and ten minutes playing the game each week. However, that figure is likely far higher for those that will be entering into Epic Games' upcoming 2019 Fortnite World Cup, which features a $100 million prize pool.

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