Fortnite Season 6 Drops In Hot With Backpack Pets, Floating Island, Vaulted Weapons, Fixes

When you have a veritable cash cow on your hands, the smart thing to do is milk it until there's nothing left. Nobody needs to tell Epic Games that bit of advice, though. The developer is raking in cash from Fortnite hand over fist, and to keep its cash cow from drying up, it's rolling out yet another update to the popular battle royale.

The arrival of Season 6 (v6.00 patch) brings with it an updated island with Pets, which reside in backpacks rather than scurry around the landscape on foot. They're basically cosmetic items. That said, they're not simply static images—these little creatures are alive and react to in-game events.

Different pets unlock at different levels. There are at least three of them, all of which are included in the Season 6 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks. They include a dog, a chameleon, and a dragon. Sadly, there are no cats, at least not yet.

As expected, Season 6 also introduces a bunch of map changes, including islands that float (in the air, that is), growing crops, a haunted castle up in the hills, and plenty more to explore and discover. There's also a new enemy approaching from the storm.

In terms of weaponry and items, Fortnite players will find consumable Shadow Stones scattered around corrupted areas of the map. Using a Shadown Stone will apply 'Shadow Form' for a brief period, making players invisible to enemies when stationary and other perks. The effect lasts for 45 seconds, though players can exit early by holding down the Alt Fire button.

There's also a Vaulted Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives.

As with every season update, the latest patch introduces a host of bug fixes and performance optimizations. There are way too many to list here—hit the source link the via field for the full release notes.