Fortnite Player’s Epic Killing Spree Earns Record During Peaceful Rocket Launch Event

Fortnite had a special event yesterday that saw the launch of a rocket in game. Nearly everyone was standing around looking at the sky to see the spectacle. It was sort of like that old Coke commercial where everyone is singing and holding hands. However, some Fortnite gamers saw this as an opportunity to wreck people in a dastardly and hilarious way.

fortnite rocket

As all of these Fortnite gamers were standing around safe in their assumption that killing would be put on hold with this beautiful one-time event in a game known for all-out carnage. One player named Elemental_Ray wasn't into buying the world a Coke and destroyed a ramp on which 48 players were standing to watch the launch, sending them to their deaths. The killing spree occurred before the rocket launch was over, and the butthurt flowed like a river. Elemental_Ray gained himself a world record for the most solo kills, the ire of the dead, and at least three steps towards embracing the Dark Side.


Tweets flowed wishing the killer of sky watchers in-game things ranging from a bad night's sleep for literally five years to stubbed toes. Unfortunately for Elemental_Ray, time for admiring dastardly handiwork was short as someone destroyed the ramp Ray was standing on and death crept in swift and silent. The real question is was Elemental_Ray the true hero of the Fortnite rocket launch or the person who sent Ray to respawn heaven?

Some see this as witnessing two special Fortnite moments at once. The missile launch was special and then seeing a world record solo kill was notable too. Fortnite has been very successful of late having taken half of rival PUBG's players. It's also had some issues most recentlythe anticipated Playground mode has been delayed due to bugs in matchmaking.