Fortnite's Highly Anticipated Playground Mode Sidelined Until Next Week

Fortnite gamers who were looking forward to spending some time with Playground mode this weekend have reason to be a little sad. Epic Games has announced that it will be delaying the launch of Playground mode, with additional details to come early next week.


Epic said in a tweet that it was unable to resolve issues that prevented the launch of the mode and that it would be spending the weekend trying to resolve the issues. The reason that Playground mode is delayed has to do with widespread issues with matchmaking that surfaced when it initially launched a few days ago. Epic separated the Playground matchmaker from the one that affects the default modes and made improvements to assist players so gamers could play default modes.

If you have missed all the talk of Playground mode, it was designed to allow players to create their own private island. It is a limited-time mode and Epic hasn't said how long it will be available. The big change in Playground mode is that players won’t have to deal with enemies trying to kill them. However, friendly fire is on and players can shoot each other, but killed players immediately respawn.

Fortnite Playground

Playground mode is something very beneficial to inexperienced players who want to figure out the game mechanics before they are forced to battle against seasoned pros. In the normal modes, players don’t respawn and that can be frustrating for noobs trying to get a feel for how Fortnite works. Fortnite has proven extremely popular for Epic and is a direct cause for PUBG shedding half of its player base since the beginning of 2018.