Fortnite Fortbyte 21 Was Found Lurking Within This Massive Metal Llama Building

Players have been working hard to find all the Fortbytes to unlock the latest mystery inside the hugely popular game Fortnite. The mystery of what collecting all the Fortbytes will unlock is nearly coming to a close, as Fortbyte 21 has been discovered inside a metal llama structure. The discovery of Fortbyte 21 marks the 99th Fortbyte found thus far.

fortbyte 21 2

That means there is only one more Fortbyte to go. Fortbytes represent a change for Fortnite players where daily objectives have been unveiled with each discovery and goal met, but not offering its own reward. Rather, the individual objectives go together for an overall larger prize.

fortbyte 21 map

As Season 9 comes to a close, gamers are looking forward to what changes await in Season 10 of the game. Anyone can unlock Fortbyte 21; no Battle Pass items need to be unlocked for this challenge. The metal llama has been in Fortnite for a long time, so many will know where to go without needing any additional help.

However, for those new to the game, the metal llama is near the coast, not far from Junk Junction and is circled in red on the map above. The metal llama has stairs, and Fortbyte 21 will be found on the stairs about two flights up. Be warned; players are in the area looking for some easy kills, so be wary.

Season 9 is set to come to an end on August 1. Players have until that date to collect all the Fortbytes and finish out the Battle Pass. Fortnite fans are wondering what changes the end of Season 9 will bring, and if there will be anything special done to celebrate the newly launched Season 10.