Fortnite Rocket Launch Sparks Mysterious Portal Rifts Across Game Map

Fortnite is certainly pulling out all the stops to keep gamers interested with seasons of content that keep players coming back for more. One of the coolest recent events went off this weekend when a giant rocket launch served as the catalyst for a solo kill world record when a player iced 48 people at once becoming a legend in the process.

motel sign

Players are now realizing that something else is afoot in the game with lots of dimensional rifts appearing around the map. There is one larger tear that seemingly looks down on everything. The intriguing part is that the rifts are growing, and they are beginning to impact the island. The big image below shows how the large rift is changing over time and the images were taken by redditor Discount_Pringles.

fortnite post strike

The smaller rifts around the map appear to be influencing the environment around them. One instance of this is near Lonely Lodge where an odd sign can be seen. It appears that the rift is letting you see the same things, only slightly different and in another dimension. If you go to the Lonely Lodge today there is no sign.

A similar rift near Anarchy Acres is starting to eat up the sign there. There are some theories out there about what might be going on. One of them is that the portals will allow time travel. Rumors are floating around that some 3D models of Wild West themed items have been found. Others point to an outfit called "The Visitor" that appears to be a robot hinting at something else going on. A robot doesn’t really fit in with Wild West décor unless you are in a Stephen King novel.