Hey Fortnite Gamers, That Mech Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus 3, 2…

fortnite mech
Many Fortnite fans have hated the mech since it landed with the start of Season 10. The machine was overpowered in the opinion of most players, but Epic said it was added to give the causal gamers a better chance to win a match. Many have called repeatedly for the mech to be removed from the game, and it appears that Epic is finally listening.

Fortnite fans who have played the game recently have undoubtedly noticed something weird is afoot with the mech. As soon as the mechanized beasts land, they are disappearing. The mechs vanishing are part of the ongoing Visitor storyline that sees a mysterious time traveler using his tech to sort out the Fortnite island's time crisis that started with the events that launched Season 10.

fortnite mech explode

Players can head over to Dusty Depot, which is where the Visitor has set up base, for some insight into what's going on. The screens inside that base show images of the mech and hints that the Visitor has somehow infected the mechs with a virus. Dusty Depot is also where the Visitor is constructing a rocket. Whatever the Visitor has planned for his rocket, fans of the game will know soon as the end of the season is nearing. 

Epic has gimped the mechs with past patches, but that hasn't been enough for mech haters -- so, this storyline seems like the perfect "out" for Epic given the mech backlash. Season 11 will likely have some Halloween themed content for players to enjoy. There have been hints that Fortnite Season 11 will bring a very different Fortnite map, but there were similar hints for Season 10.