Where To Find Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull Cows And Milk Them For All They’re Worth

fortnite has gone to the cows in chapter 2 season 7
Fornite was already weird before Chapter 2, Season 7 came along, focusing on an alien invasion of the island. Now, things are going one step further with the introduction of the Inflate-A-Bull, a bizarre object that lets players roll, bounce, and withstand fire while looking like a cow, alongside cow-themed quests. What exactly is going on here?

The Inflate-A-Bull is a new inflatable cow suit that bestows users with “cow-like properties,” including being able to roll downhill, jump (or fall) off cliffs without damage, and withstand fire. While the suit could be popped by other players when shot, it could be an over-powered tool in the right circumstances. However, we are unsure what cows have these powers, so the jury is still out on how realistic this is.  You can find these Inflate-A-Bulls in IO and Normal Chests.

bull fortnite has gone to the cows in chapter 2 season 7

Besides this cow addition, there is also a new quest to deploy cow decoys around the map to see if the aliens are attracted. If you want to be fancy, you may be able to do so with the Inflate-A-Bull, but you do not necessarily have to. All you need to do is navigate to 14 different spots between Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm to deploy three cow decoys. You can find the locations in the map below to see where to go:

map fortnite has gone to the cows in chapter 2 season 7

It is unclear if the developers over at Epic Games are dealing with Mad Cow Disease or if this is just simple fun, but either way, it is an interesting cow-themed period. You can get out there right now and earn some XP and live out your cow-fantasies, and let us know what you think of this bovine craziness in the comments below.