Fortnite Stealthily Adds Harpoon Gun For Dealing Damage And Catching Fish

Fornite Harpoon Gun
Starting with Fortnite Chapter 2, developer Epic Games has kept mum on patch notes, breaking from tradition in the previous chapter. That means players are on their own to discover what is new. Fortnite is hugely popular, though, so secrets get revealed rather quickly. The latest one is the inclusion of a Harpoon Gun.

Players are also tasked with discovering details about most new weapons and items, in the absence of patch notes. Accordingly, it is now known that the Harpoon Gun deals 75 damage to players, and 159 damage to builds. It can fire off 10 shots, and takes 1.4 seconds to reload.

The Harpoon Gun shoots like a Grappler, but does not move the player around like the Grappler does. However, it does hook into opponents and bring them closer (reminiscent of Scorpion's iconic attack in Mortal Kombat). It can also be used to catch fish, rather than using a fishing rod. Here's a look at the Harpoon Gun in action...
While Epic Games is mum on patch notes so far in Chapter 2, it has revealed some Save the World details. According to an official roadmap, there will be a second v11.10 content update, in addition to the one released today.
Here's what they will bring...


v11.10 Content Update (Week of 11/5)
  • Fortnitemares Questline -- Summer Camp
  • Black Metal Scythe
    --Swing away! Just watch your health...
  • Dusk Returns
    --Prepare to Siphon!
  • Candycorn LMG Returns
    --Have some candy!
v11.10 Content Update (Week of 11/12)
  • Fortnite Questline -- Monster Bride
  • Monster Constructor
    --It was a mash!
  • Black Metal Sword
    --A Sword.. of the black metal variety
  • Music Pack
    --Unlock this music pack for your locker!
  • Raven Returns
    --He's still outside...
Epic Games has some other things planned beyond the v11.10 Content Update for Save the World, including gameplay adjustments. Follow this link to check out the full roadmap.