Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 Challenge: Where To Dig Up And Bury The Gnomes

fortnite gnome
Last week, Fortnite challenges were all about tomatoes. Now in week five of season 5, the challenges have gone to the gnomes, as in the garden variety. Players need to dig up gnomes and bury them around the map to complete the challenges. Why do they need to dig up and then bury them? Who knows? However, we have the locations for you to complete these gnome games and level up your Battlepass.

Dig Up Gnomes

dig challenge
The first gnome challenge for this week is digging up gnomes around the map. Players have to visit Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park to find glowing mounds of dirt that signify buried gnomes. Then, the piles need to be whacked with a pickaxe for the gnomes to rise out of the ground. After getting all four, you get a cool 20K XP tacked on to your Battlepass.

Collect Gnomes

collect challenge
For this challenge, you will return to Fort Crumpet and visit Holly Hedges to collect gnomes. This is a simple interaction to collect each gnome, but you need to make sure the area is safe. Otherwise, you will be swiftly taken out before completing the quest. If you can get all the gnomes collected, though, you will get another nice 20K XP for your Battlepass.

Bury Gnomes

bury challenge
This challenge may end up being the easiest of the three, as you only need to bury two gnomes rather than dig or collect four. This is another simple interaction task at Pleasant Park or Retail Row, but you should make sure the area is safe before you are taken out while completing the task. After you complete this one, you get another 20K XP for a total of 60K across the three challenges.  That's a pretty nice haul, for just running around and interacting with gnomes.

To find all these challenges and create the maps, we used, which points exactly where to go. It is a convenient tool if you want to get the challenges done quickly. In any case, completing these gnome challenges are pretty easy considering the total 60K Battlepass XP lift you get from Epic Games. Let us know if you go for the gnomes, and if it was easy or not so easy for you, in the comments below.
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