Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Where To Find Every Mythic And Exotic Weapon

fortnite chapter four
A new chapter of Fortnite is upon us, and with it comes new Exotic and Mythic items. Be ahead of the pack, and know where to find these alluring and powerful weapons the next time you drop (be sure to thank the bus driver).

Chapter four of Fortnite brings about a lot of cool new stuff for gamers to try out in Epic's iconic battle royale. But, while some things change, others stay the same like being able to find new weapons to play with. This go-round there will be a few all-new weapons, as well as a few returning favorites.

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All in all, there are six Exotic weapons or items this season, along with one Mythic (which can be won in a boss battle drop). While the location of most of these items is going to be the same each time, there is at least one that can also be found in Holo-Chests, which can spawn all around the map and requires a key to open.

The Dub (Exotic)

Up first is The Dub (Exotic). This weapon can be purchased from Surrr Burger for 600 gold bars. Surrr Burger can be located inside a building just north of the lake at Anvil Square, fairly close to the bounty board in the area.

The Unstable Bow (Exotic)

If a bow is more your style, The Unstable Bow (Exotic) can be purchased from Wild Card for 500 gold bars. This shady character can be found pacing back and forth around the upper segment of Shattered Slabs.

The Chug Cannon (Exotic)

The Chug Cannon (Exotic) can be found in the northern part of Frenzy Fields. It can be purchased from Sunflower, who can be seen wandering around the area.

The Shadow Tracker (Exotic)

Another Exotic available is the Shadow Tracker. This shady item can be purchased from Evie for 450 gold bars. Evie is known to walk around the inside of a large blue house to the far west of Frenzy Fields.

The Chili Chug Splash (Exotic)

The Chili Chug Splash (Exotic) can be purchased from Frozen Fishstick for 250 gold. The frigid fellow has been said to be in a small cabin to the west of Brutal Bastion and just north of the frozen lake. In a probable attempt at trying to stay a bit warm, Frozen Fishstick is known to walk around a bit, so be sure to check for him inside or beneath the structure.

Grappler Bow (Exotic)

The last Exotic on the list is the Grappler Bow. This item can be purchased from the lovely Princess Felicity Fish for 500 gold bars. She can be found standing atop a tower to the northwest of The Citadel on the other side of the lake.

The Ageless Champion's Ex-Caliber Rifle (Mythic)

Finally, The Ageless Champion's Ex-Caliber Rifle (Mythic) can be obtained through a drop after beating the boss Geno. Geno can be found meandering around the bottom level of The Citadel. It is recommended by GameSpot to not try and face Geno until you have "found some shields, a few good guns, and plenty of ammo."