When Will Fortnite Emerge From Its Black Hole-Induced Outage?

fortnite chatper2
Over the weekend, Fortnite in its entirety was sucked into a black hole, leaving everyone clamoring for when they’d be able to rejoin one of the most popular games on the planet. Logging into the game currently only displays a black hole, and all of Epic Games’ social media accounts have gone radio silent. The only thing left for gamers to do is to play a minigame that is activated with the Konami Code.

But Epic can’t leave gamers in a lurch for too long – the software developer is going to need to bring Fortnite back online sometime soon. Thanks to some super sleuthing by hardcore enthusiasts, we have an idea of when the game will return. Fortnite gaming extraordinaire Ninja posted a short audio clip on his Twitter feed which is captioned with “Here is your hint, and I’m not joking.” In the audio clip, he is clearly heard saying “tacos” which seems like an obvious reference to Taco Tuesday, meaning tomorrow.

Further adding ammunition to that rumor is code that was found on the Fortnite website that seems to suggest Chapter 2, Season 1 will kick off on October 15th at 6am EST.

So, we have a [rumored] launch date for the next chapter in the Fortnite saga, but what will it bring for the game’s vast fanbase? A lot has been made of a listing image for Fortnite in the Italian version of the App Store. We can clearly see a brand-new map that is being gazed upon by three Fortnite characters. The original Fortnite map has been in existence for 10 seasons, so surely, it’s time for a changeup to keep things fresh.

The new map would also help even the playing field for eSports pros and newbs alike, as everyone would be trying to gather their bearings on this new map. The image also shows what appears to be a new type of vehicle for players to command: boats. The fact that there are boats seems to suggest that there will be vast amounts of water on the map, which would encourage this use of mechanized travel (traversing through water currently in Fortnite is an arduous process).

That’s about all that we can glean from the listing image, but it at least gives us a tiny glimpse into what we can expect tomorrow morning. So, buckle up folks, and go ahead and call in to work to tell your boss that you’re going to be out tomorrow… actually, don’t do that, we’re just kidding.