Fortnite 4.2 Update Adds Jetpacks For Quick Aerial Escapes

Epic Games has gone official with all the details of the V4.2 content update and it brings something that fans have been clamoring for: jetpacks. Jetpacks are part of a new item type coming to Battle Royale called Backpacks, not to be confused with Back Bling. Backpacks are gameplay items that can’t be purchased as cosmetics.


Another key difference is that Backpacks fill an inventory slot just as if it were a weapon or consumable. Backpacks are Legendary rarity items and are found in Treasure Chests. Only one backpack can be carried at a time and if you pick up a different backpack while wearing one, it will be switched out automatically with the one currently equipped. When the backpack is consumed, it is automatically destroyed.


Back Blings are hidden when a backpack is equipped and when the Backpack is consumed, the Back Bling returns. The jetpack is activated by jumping while in mid-air and have a limited duration of use before it must charge. Recharging begins as soon as the backpack isn’t in use. Targeting Mode can’t be used while in the Air, activating Targeting Mode triggers the jetpack.


Along with the new backpacks comes a limited time mode called Solid Gold v2. That mode has all Legendary weapons all the time and includes the Heavy Shotgun and the Legendary Burst Assault Rifle. Floor Drops have a higher chance of Hand Cannon and Suppressed Pistols and a low chance of Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle. Chests have a high chance of assault rifle, minigun, and sniper rifle but a low chance of heavy shotgun and rocket/grenade launchers and will have no pistols. Supply drops have high chance of rocket/grenade launchers, medium chance of sniper rifle, and a low chance of heavy shotgun and assault rifles.

Another limited time mode is Close Encounters launching on May 25. That mode involves close quarters combat using shotguns and jetpacks. Jetpacks and heavy shotguns can be found in chests and supply drops in this mode with other shotgun types spawning as floor loot. A typical match in that mode lasts 15 minutes. The update also brings with it a new hero that looks sort of like a female Indiana Jones. The new hero will land in the Event Store on May 23 at 8pm ET for Save the World mode.